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The Park Hill School District is led by a seven-member Board of Education:

Bart Klein, President, MSBA Delegate
Susan Newburger, Vice-President
Kimberlee Ried, Treasurer
Scott Monsees, MSBA Delegate
Janice Bolin, MSBA Alternate Delegate
Todd Fane
Kyla Yamada

Approved meetings for 2018-2019 are July 26; August 9; August 23; September 13; September 25; October 11 (work session 5:00 pm) October 11; October 25; November 8; December 13; January 10; January 24; February 7; February 28; March 14 (work session 5:00 pm); March 14; March 28; April 11 (reorganizational meeting); April 25; May 9; May 23; June 6 (work session 5:00 pm) June 6; June 20. Start time is 7:00 p.m. unless otherwise noted. The Board may also call Special meetings, at its discretion. Meeting agendas will be posted on the district's website and in the lobby at the District Office, 7703 NW Barry Road, Kansas City, MO 64153.

Meetings will be held at the District Office, 7703 NW Barry Road, Kansas City, MO 64153 unless otherwise posted. Patrons are welcomed and encouraged to attend. There are two opportunities during the meeting for the public to address the Board.

For more information regarding the Park Hill Board of Education, please contact Opal Hibbs, Board Secretary at (816)359-4050 or visit the district website at http://www.parkhill.k12.mo.us.

Board and Committee Meeting Calendar