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Meeting Date: 3/9/2023 - 6:30 PM
Category: Bids, Contracts, Agreements
Type: Info
Subject: 8.3 Planned Purchase for Missouri School Wide Positive Behavior Support Summer Institute
Strategic Plan:
ACADEMIC - Quality Instruction
Policy: IGAB - Instructional Interventions
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PBIS Hotel Charges.pdf
PBIS Information.pdf
Provide Background Details and Rationale: Approximately 120 Park Hill staff will attend the Missouri School Wide Positive Behavior Support (SW-PBS) Summer Institute May 31-June 2, 2023 at the Tan-Tar-A Resort and Conference Center in Osage Beach, MO. Schoolwide Positive Behavior Support is a framework for creating safe and orderly learning environments in schools, while improving the social-emotional outcomes for students. It is a proactive approach that relies on research based practices, including developing clear behavioral expectations, teaching these expectations, acknowledging appropriate behavior, consistently correcting inappropriate behavior, and using behavioral data to systematically solve problems. This learning opportunity provides the solid foundational knowledge which our Park Hill teaching professionals need to support each student, every day behaviorally. Training during this summer session will support a safe, respectful, and caring climate for our students and staff.
Provide Funding Source and Estimated Cost: Title II Budget Total Estimated Cost - $97,212 $26,550 Registration ($225/per person) $31,543 Lodging ($272/per person) $23,600 Stipend ($200/per person) $15,519 Per Diem/Mileage Reimb
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Name of Persons(s) Submitting Agenda Item with Title Dr. Chris Daniels, Director of Special Education Dr. Jasmine Briedwell, Assistant Superintendent of Academic Services
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Recommendation: It will be recommended at the March 30, 2023 Regular meeting that the Park Hill Board of Education approve the Planned Purchase for Missouri School Wide Positive Behavior Support Summer Institute, as presented.
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Signed By:
Dr. Chris Daniels - Director of Special Services
Signed By:
Dr. Jasmine Briedwell - Assistant Superintendent - Academic Services
Signed By:
Dr. Mike Kimbrel - Superintendent