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2/8/2024 - 6:30 PM  
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7.2 2023-2028 Comprehensive School Improvement Plan Update  
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2023-2028 CSIP GOAL
Build successful futures for Park Hill students of all backgrounds
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2023-2028 CSIP Bi-Annual Review--2-8-24.pdf
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The Park Hill School District is required by the Missouri School Improvement Program (MSIP) to have a Board-approved Comprehensive School Improvement Plan (CSIP) which is ongoing with goals, outcomes or objectives in sufficient detail so as to direct the improvement efforts of the district for at least a five-year time period. The 2023-2028 CSIP (strategic planning) included a review of the current vision, mission, values and strategic perspectives of the Park Hill School District; a review of stakeholders' needs and expectations; an evaluation of current performance; an examination of environmental shifts; and SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis; the articulation of strategic focus area goals and objectives; and the completion of district action plans to achieve the goals and objectives. Dr. Jaime Dial will provide an update of current status for the 2023-2028 CSIP.  
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Local Funding  
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Dr. Jaime Dial, Assistant Superintendent for Quality and Student Services  
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Dr. Jaime Dial, Assistant Superintendent for Quality and Student Services  
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Dr. Jaime Dial - Assistant Superintendent - Quality & Student Services
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Dr. Mike Kimbrel - Superintendent