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6/23/2022 - 6:30 PM  
Bids, Contracts, Agreements  
5.9 Approval of 2022-2023 Lease Agreement between Park Hill School District and Young Men’s Christian Association of Greater Kansas City (Park Hill Head Start)  
Strategic Plan 2018-2023:
Building Successful Futures - Each Student - Every Day
KG - Community Use of District Facilities  
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2022-2023 Agreement PHSD-YMCA (PH Head Start).pdf
SIGNED 2022-2023 Lease Agreement PHSD-YMCA (Head Start) (BOE 6-23-2022).pdf
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Designed specifically for children ages six weeks old through pre-kindergarten, Head Start provides child care and education, including dental and health services, to low-income families. YMCA Head Start services are available for families that meet income eligibility guidelines or have a child with a diagnosed disability. Eligible children receive education, nutrition and health services from YMCA Head Start programs which are federally funded. Parents are invited to become involved through group activities, volunteering and interaction with the YMCA Head Start staff.

With the oversight of the Young Men’s Christian Association of Greater Kansas City, the Head Start program currently leases two classrooms and office space at the Gerner Family Early Education Center to support the YMCA Park Hill Head Start. YMCA Head Start has similar arrangements in North Kansas City, Liberty, Excelsior Springs and several locations in Kansas City. The use of the facility necessitates a lease agreement between YMCA and the Park Hill School District.

The materials terms of the lease are as follows:

* A one-year lease agreement between Park Hill School District (as Landlord) and Young Men’s Christian Association of Greater Kansas City d/b/a YMCA Park Hill Head Start (as Tenant).

* The term of this lease shall commence on July 1, 2022 and end on June 30, 2023.

* Head Start will lease two classrooms numbered LL9 and LL15 and an office numbered LL38 in the Early Childhood Education Center. The use and occupation by Head Start shall include the right to the non-exclusive use of all parking areas, driveways, walks, multi-purpose rooms, playgrounds, hallways, restrooms, the media center and other common space.

* Head Start agrees to pay Park Hill School District monthly rental of $3,800.
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2022-2023 Annual Budget
Source: Revenue of $45,600 ($3,800 monthly) from YMCA to Park Hill School District
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Dr. Paul Kelly, Assistant Superintendent for Business & Technology  
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It is recommended that the Park Hill Board of Education authorize the Superintendent or Designee to execute a lease agreement between Park Hill School District and Young Men’s Christian Association of Greater Kansas City for the purpose of providing Head Start services for the 2022-2023 school year per the material terms, as presented.  
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Dr. Paul Kelly - Assistant Superintendent - Business & Technology
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Dr. Jeanette Cowherd - Superintendent
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